Marsboy wireless Bluetooth speaker portable illumination LED light smartphone support

Marsboy wireless Bluetooth speaker portable illumination LED light smartphone support

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AUX mode

The body back, equipped with an external input terminal. Supplied with a cable on hand of iPod and MP3 players, such as a personal computer, you can connect to the non-compliant equipment.

Bluetooth phone call

If pairing to turn on the Bluetooth function, you can call the speaker.

When you are entering the phone, I received a short press and the telephone earpiece button, you can respond. When you press the long, turn off the phone. In a call, and press the short earpiece button, you can turn off the phone.

Card mode

Even if there is no corresponding terminal, or even not connected to the music player in the cable, you can also play the music of the inner.

LED Illumination

LED Illumination

Appearance in the novel, with a full-color LED light illumination, you can show the brightness of the variety and color scheme.

Of red and green, the movement of the light toward the center

Rainbow colors switched - fairly dust and gradients

Rainbow color gradient to move in a spiral

· Move radially rainbow color gradient

Red, blue, green is windmill-shaped rotary

- The entire surface of shining in rainbow colors


Karabari can be enjoyed by switching such. Of course, you can also turn off the illumination. Fantastic illumination of the music and the light! In illuminations dancing to the melody, and produce a more enjoyable space.

Play time

Long playback, fast charge: 3000mAh large-capacity lithium rechargeable battery internal organs

Once a 12-hour continuous playback possible on a full charge.

Charging can be done from a USB power source.

18 months attaches month warranty.

The latest Bluetooth-enabled

Easy wireless connection with Bluetooth (Bluetooth)!

Android or iPhone, by Bluetooth-enabled devices and the wireless connection, such as iPad, you can use without having to worry about the location. Sound quality surface anxious also, you can high-quality sound reproduction with a small size and light weight from bass to treble.

Available distance is about 15m.